Royal Beauty Group is the premiere distributors of perfumes, skincare and make-up products in the State of Kuwait.

Over 50 years of experience in the perfume industry has allowed us to create a level of distribution that is unparalleled in the region.

Mr. Sarkis Arslanian is the President, founder and owner of the company. He is one of the pioneers in the perfume business in the State of Kuwait.

In 1956 Mr. Sarkis Arslanian graduated from AUB with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He was appointed as the Chief Biochemist and Head of Medical Laboratories in the State of Kuwait from October 1956 till January 1973.

Mr. Arslanian's vision when entering Kuwait was to start and develop his own business. Towards the beginning of 1960, he was able to obtain the distribution of Parfum Lubin, then a high end product and various other brands such as Woltz, Parfum Forvil, Parfum de Fussy, etc.

During 1979, Mr. Arslanian was entrusted by YSL management to organize the first launching ever of YSL Cosmetics in Kuwait for the Middle East and Africa. He organized the most extravagant and elegant launching of the brand in Kuwait with the presence of more than 50 representatives from the regions with seminars and press conferences. The occasion was crowned by an elegant banquet with 600 invitees including all the competitors.

With great modesty and appreciation, Mr. Arslanian confirms that the present leading position of the Royal Beauty Group is the result of the cumulative efforts of its dedicated staff, the unwavering confidence of its clients and the co-operation accorded by business associates and distributional outlets.

Result oriented and purpose driven Executive Team

Sarkis A. Arslanian
Vicken S. Arslanian
Raffi S. Arslanian   
Ghassan Al-Danab 
Annie Khatchadourian
Vice President
Director of International Brand Development
General Manager

Group Manager

Brand Managers and Corporate Sales Team

Flavia Venturini
Asim Bseiso
Michel Tleiji
Marcel Traboulsy
Nawal Aramiya Naeem Faltas
Anwar Qadis
Osama Qarouni
Fakhruddin Munshi
Ahmad Felo
Johny Nahas
Roy John: Executive Assistant

Our Beauty Advisors and Sales Team

We have the most qualified team in Kuwait. We attract top talented people and have the very best.

Our sales team is the company's most important asset and source of competitive advantage.

We can proudly claim that our team's dedication and professional performance is rarely rivaled.

We have a team of 90 fixed sales girls, 40 promo-girls and 14 highly trained beauticians who are covering 100% of our distribution network 100% of the time.

Training Photos