Distribution Philosophy

To build the brand equity, it is our strategic policy to invest in the brands that we exclusively represent.

We focus on in-store investments emphasizing on proper visibility and merchandizing of the products in the presence of a well trained sales force.

We distribute our products to all major outlets such as; Al-Shaya Group, Beidoun Outlets, Faces, Jashanmal, Wahran outlets, Co-operative Societies and B & C outlets.

We are recognized as the top company who knows how to serve and communicate professionally with all the outlets.

Relation with Retailers

We have a positive management style which is friendly, participative and co-operative with all the retailers.

We accept responsibility for our actions; accordingly our credibility is at a higher level with the people with whom we deal.

We have distinguished ourselves with clear direction of marketing policy that helped us to achieve excellent results.

We are the only distribution company that distributes to all retail chains including the ones that are owned by our competitors.